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    Located at East Jinxing Road No.8, Wangcheng Economic Development Zone, Hunan Province, Golden Dragon Co., Hunan is an enterprise that specialized in resource recycling and non-ferrous metal deep processing. With its registered capital of 186 million Yuan, and the total investment of 2.068 billion Yuan, it covers an area of 400 acres. This corporation contains six subordinate companies; they are Golden Dragon Renewable Resources Company, Golden Dragon Copper Industry, Golden Dragon Electric Cable Manufacturing, Golden Dragon Metal Product Manufacturing, Golden Dragon Aluminum Product Manufacturing, and Golden Dragon Investment Company.
  We are specialized in non-ferrous metal recycling and deep processing, which is the main part during the formation of our circular economy industrial chain among all other industries we are involving in. Our products mainly supply for electric power industry, home appliance manufacturing, construction industry, transportation system, information technology industry, aerospace industry, energy technology & petroleum engineering, mining industry, and metallurgical industry, etc.
  Ranks in the top 3 of provincial strongest enterprises, and the seventh of the well-developed enterprise list of Changsha city, it takes the 20th place among the whole manufacturing industry of Hunan Province. In addition, it is at the 42nd place among the hundred promising enterprises of Hunan Province and the leading enter among "the six industrial clusters”, " top 2 hundreds in billion-industry-cluster” and the “big there” of nonferrous metals industry enterprises in Hunan’s development strategy plan. As the sole vendor for Sinopec’s, Petrochina’s, Huaneng Power Network’s supplying, it pioneers the electric cable manufacturing industry in Southern China.
  The Group's implementation of the "name brand" strategy and the strategy of the whole industry chain, in the country (Tibet, Taiwan) established a renewable resource recycling dismantling bases and sales networks. Hunan Province Product Quality Award "for many years," famous trademark "," Famous Brand "," Famous Brand "title. O the year, the Group's circular economy industrial income generation in the same industry, the total taxes paid over 500 million yuan.